World War III

We’re in the middle of World War III and most of America isn’t batting an eye because that’s not the label, Trump’s not in office and most Americans aren’t affected.

Americans are horrible human beings who only see tragedy on their shores or atrocities caused by others across seas. They never seem to see what America does even tho America is the most aggressive military force in the world.

Once NATO was involved, this should have been clear that this proxy war was in the interest of the West. But people are not thinking for themselves; particularly Americans. Because Americans feel their citizenship dictates their knowledge and understanding. They depend on government media, formerly known as mainstream media, for information.

It’s disheartening to be aware of what’s going on but the people around you only know what they are told. They never look deeper. And they take pundits’ opinions as truth. It’s mentally exhausting to get like the world is crumbling around you and people are ok with it. They are going on with their lives like there’s nothing going on. It’s depressing.

“Let’s Euthanize The Poor ” – Canada

It’s startling to think in 2022 that killing people rather than feeding and providing housing for them is the better option. But that’s what is happening in Canada. Society has always loathed poor people. But wait until some people find out that they’re actually poor. One paycheck away from homelessness. How will they feel about this option? Or that this is capitalism.

“Capitalism’s answer to …“What about those who can’t work?” has always been “They should die quickly.” But until now it’s always been spoken wordlessly in the policies enacted and the societal structures put in place.” – Caitlin Johnson

I will never forget a co-worker telling me that poor people shouldn’t have babies. I had to remind him that he wouldn’t be here if his parents didn’t have kids. This is really appalling for so-called Christian societies. It’s not very Christ-like.

Turns Out That Europeans Did Not Bring Homosexuality To Africa; Instead Christianity Brought Homophobia To Africa

I’ve heard so many times that white people brought homosexuality to Africa.  These are the ways in which Black people justify their homophobia.  By insisting that white people forced “their way of life” on Black people.  As if the entire continent of Africa didn’t have any Homosexuality prior to colonialism.

Europeans have a way of erasing African history. Pretending that Africans had no real society, no civilization, until colonization.  When in reality, Africa was a continent full of rich traditions with differing societies and a plethora of beliefs.  One of which was having multiple cultures acknowledging the existence of non-binary and gay people. It’s very interesting how in one instance, Black people admonish the Europeans for erasing rich African history,  but at the same time, Black people cling to the European ideals that erase that exact history.

But it turns out that what Europeans brought to Africa was intolerance and hate justified by the bible and Christianity.  The African countries with the harshest anti LGBTQIA laws were colonized by the English.  You can’t really step into any part of the world that hasn’t been colonized by Europeans. Neo-colonialism counts as well.  So what they did was outlaw traditions across a continent and impose their Christian doctrine and hatred.

“…it is not homosexuality and trans identities that are a colonial import into Africa, but homophobia and transphobia instead.Mohammed Elnaiem

Someone asked me why I didn’t want to deal with homophobic people. First off, if I know you’re homophobic, that means you’ve said or done something and are not satisfied with being a closeted bigot.  I’m from NYC and lived there for 45 years. I know a lot of gay people. Maybe that informed my feelings on the matter. But I’m team let people live.  If no one is harming people, what’s the issue with love?  And if you can’t just leave people alone, then that’s really hatred. The fact that people still mention pedophilia when they speak about Homosexuality shows how ignorant society is.

Me and You

I like you

But I like me more

I’ll love you

But I’ll love me more

I want to adore you

But I need you to see me

I don’t know you

But I can’t help but wonder and see

I want to know if you are real

But everything in me says you’re not

The doubt is killing me slowly

But not slow enough. It’s torture

I need to be free of this obsession

But I tremble at the thought of our end

I Quit You

I quit you like I quit cigarettes. Each day that I awake, I remind myself that I don’t need you. With every breath that I take, I remember that you are not the air that I breathe.  You will not be the cancer in my heart.  My growth will not be stunted by someone who’s stagnant. The flame that we burned together has been rubbed out of existence on the sole of my boot. There’s only ash.