The News Is All The Same

Don’t you think it’s odd that all of the national news companies are reporting COVID news EXACTLY the same way. In almost the exact way. No one is diverging from the script, except Fox. But none are regularly talking about treatments for the coronavirus. Do they want to instill fear so people will get the Jab? Do they want people to believe that the Jab is the only way?

If the news organizations were really concerned with saving lives, they wouldn’t ignore the unvaccinated. They wouldn’t let people believe there are no treatments available. They would alert the public to seek treatment sooner than later.

For years people have been saying don’t trust mass media. I have to say that this is the first time I’ve seen them be so blatant about it.

How Were The Hospitals Treating Their Staff During The COVID Pandemic?

During the beginning of the COVID pandemic, hospitals were advising their staff not to wear masks because they might alarm the patients. They were advising them if they were COVID positive but asymptomatic, to continue to come into work. These actions jeopardized the health of both the patients and staff.

I feel like there needs to be an investigation into the whole pandemic and the U.S. response to the pandemic. Did we make it worse by going against everything that science has taught us? Masks were effective against SARS 1. Why wouldn’t they be effective against SARS 2? Why didn’t we use an abundance of caution? Why instead did we let fear guide us? Was it global? Who fared the worst? People think we should have shut down the borders earlier and shut down the economy earlier. Capitalism was the reason behind that not happening. But 20/20 hindsight is a thing. However, there should have been more foresight.


So, you heard it here first. People can call me a conspiracy theorist if they want. They are using Americans’ ignorance when it comes to science to just tell us anything. I just spoke about “breakthrough” infections and the possibility of vaccinated people to be able to spresd COVID. If you have it, you can spread it. Even without symptoms. I’m so tired.

They are targeting people saying that are spreading misinformation. But I am merely asking questions and coming to logical conclusions. My conclusions have been confirmed by the CDC. 👁️👁️


For those who say that Trump caused the COVID pandemic in the U.S., I want to introduce you to a thing called States Rights. If you blame Trump, blame the whole system.

What kind of people do we have in power who would look at a person doing wrong and not say “nope. We have to do better” and then do better? What did the other U.S. politicians do? Trump is not faultless. But Dr. Fauci himself said in February 2020 to skip the masks unless you’re contagious. I’m trying to figure out how they thought the “contagious” person caught COVID. It really doesn’t seem like anyone knew anything. Seems like if we just wore masks from the beginning, we could’ve avoided a lot of deaths. They knew it was SARS, called it SARS 2, but somehow didn’t think it would spread the same way.

We were given bad information from the jump. And it’s awful. And it caused deaths. And how many people died of the flu in 2020?


How can people trust Covid Vaccines when the FDA won’t even approve them?

Why isn’t any News organization speaking about early effective treatments?

If they were studying SARS before and that’s why a vaccine came so fast, why didn’t they know how it was spread?

Why were we only told in March 2020 to wear masks?

Where are the flu cases? There’s no more flu? Did COVID eat the flu?

If masks and washing hands prevented the flu which normally kills thousands every year, why didn’t it prevent COVID cases?

The reason why people think it’s a conspiracy, is because this whole thing was botched.

People were told not to get treatment until they were almost dead. Thats contrary to all medical advice EVER.

Why is it that people still don’t know there is early effective treatment?

There is no such thing as breakthrough cases. If you are vaccinated, you are not immune. And using Breakthrough brings a false sense of security. The disease is in the air, vaccinated people are spreading it because they feel they can’t be harmed so they are being unsafe.

“Only a few people who are vaccinated have adverse effects.” Death is not an adverse effect. It is final. If the worst thing that can happen to me if I catch COVID is the same thing that can happen to me if I get the vaccine, why would I get it?

Death is not a statistic. It is personal and hurtful. And it is disgusting that people are treating not as a non-factor.