What Defines a Karen?

Karens are not merely “annoying customers of  ‘any race’ demanding to speak to managers.” A “Karen” is a hateful, racist, white woman who is aware her white privilege.  And while she won’t acknowledge it publicly, she will use it every opportunity she gets.  Her targets are usually Black or Hispanic people. Although no non-white is safe from her violence. These are white women lying about assaults and more, calling the police on Black people and non-Black POC, with the hope that they will at least get arrested but knowing far worse can happen. 

There is no such thing as a “Black Karen.”  White people started to apply that term to everyone so that it will soften their racism. By changing the definition and application of the label, they are managing to do just that. Don’t let them. 

The next time someone applies “Karen” to anyone other than a white woman, swiftly correct them.  In this same way, they insist “anyone can be racist.” While bigotry and prejudice do not require a power structure, racism absolutely requires power.  

“The Revolution Will Not be Supervised” by Da’Shaun Harrison is A Must Read

In reading Da’Shaun Harrison’s “The Revolution Will Not be Supervised,” you can feel the pulse of the movement for Black lives. Particularly this young man’s pulse. By killing leaders, they often kill movements. Harrison, a young and experienced activist, boldly states, as many have in the past, that we don’t need a leader. But then he paints the picture of why through very real experiences of his own.

While reading this article, I was reminded of many things. But one passage in particular made me react.

Organizing is not easy. It is about engaging the communities around you; it places an emphasis on political education; it is about determining and working through the logistics for protests; it is about developing campaigns and programs which target both community members as well as local and state governments.

“The Revolution Will Not Be Supervised” by Da’Shaun Harrison https://link.medium.com/XyT4Ujane9

This is important. As hard as they work, often times, the organizations don’t reach out enough to the community. I want to find a home organization because it has been hard for me to find actions to join from outside of an organization. And I will say, although I have looked for actions, I haven’t really looked too hard for a new organization because I wasn’t mentally ready to be burned out.

Welcoming newbies and sustaining that welcome is important to an organization’s growth as well as the growth of movements. Da’Shaun speaks about the spontaneous uprisings and using them as opportunities for veterans to engage the newbies.

I have noticed that sometimes the more experienced activists can be judgemental, cliquish, dismissive and arrogant in an organization. Bringing in new members only to show them they’ve been committed and there and woke. What’s very impressive and admirable, soon becomes obnoxious.

New people want and need direction. They also can’t commit every waking moment of their life to any movement, which is sometimes expected. Harrison’s voice is inviting. It is welcoming. It is growth. It is the voice I want to hear in the streets or at a meeting. It is the voice of what could be. Let this be our collective sentiment. Our collective voice.

Let’s not burn out our veteran activists. Let this be our collective sentiment. Our collective voice. So many of them have the “same” experience as Da’Shaun. They are there. They are committed and they are to be commended. But we should not take them for granted. The article speaks on physical and mental health issues that have plagued this young man because of his commitment. But Da’Shaun is not unique. I’ve seen it.

Although I have been considered an activist, and I consider myself an activist, I have not committed myself to organizing consistently. Something I must change. But I will work consistently with moderation. I always say the youth will lead the revolution. And I’m excited about this. Their collective efforts, will inspire us. They are inspiring us.✊🏽

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