Call Out Culture is Necessary

People are afraid to be wrong and they afraid to be called out. I was reading a blog and the writer said that we (on the left) have to learn “when to be soft and when to be hard.” Seriously? Nobody GAF about your sensitive ego. People speak plainly without niceties because they don’t have the time to baby us. There’s a difference between being direct and being rude. Rude comrades are not comrades. But we can’t be so fragile in our “all knowing egos” that being called out offends us or hurts our feelings. 

Everything isn’t about or for everybody and everybody isn’t welcome in every discussion. Sometimes it’s not about you. Sometimes you just have to listen. In my experience, when I’m called out, I deserve it. And if I don’t, I talk it out. But we can’t just say anything to anybody because we’re 50 million “others…” Meaning we belong to several marginalized groups so we get to say whatever to whoever.  It doesn’t work that way. Yes familiarity is important. But we can’t know everything by virtue of our identities alone. We really have to get off our high horse.

The left can be self righteous as a group. Call people on it. Call… Them… Out.  It’s almost like people don’t want to be on the receiving end of a call out. We all get served. As we should. We all have something to learn and we all overstep our boundaries; no matter how unintentional it may be. Call out culture? I’m here for it. Silence is acquiesce.

I’m So Tired

My heart hurts for #EricaGarner. She was killed by the state just like Kalief Browder’s mother. These beasts murder our babies, our women and our men without repercussions. They are trying to kill our spirits.

I will not give up. I will not stop demanding that they stop killing us. I will not…(I could not go on. This post was started on December 30, 2017.)

It’s too much. I’m tired. I really can’t understand why we must live this way.

Society does just enough to prevent a revolution. But I think their time is running out. I believe the U.S. government has taken for granted that we, citizens, haven’t risen up in more than 50 years. Occupy Wall Street was something…. But not enough.  We need a revolution.  Nothing short of it will discontinue this constant injustice, torture of a people… Of all people.

The Holidays Are Upon Us

To all of everyone out there struggling….. keep your head up. Times get rough and they get better. The holiday season is horribly stressful. Remember that it’s about family. But remember to surround yourself with people who are good for you emotionally.

There’s never really a good time to be around toxic people. But specifically on the holidays, you should be mindful of your interaction with those that cause you stress… Undue stress. Take care of each other. Love one another. Be safe. But remember that this season is about love not about money. 

Most people have the day off tomorrow. Take that time and do something loving. It’s very rare that almost the whole country shuts down. Whether you are religious or not, a day off is a day off. And a day off with people you love is even better.

If you’re posting suicide hotline numbers because holidays are the most stressful & depressing times, please also call your friends & family who, for any circumstance, may be alone today,tomorrow or the next day. And those who are with horrible family members. Reach out. Love them. #peace #Blessings #Love #Family

What is the ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’?

The Forge News

By TJ Combs

Q: What does “dictatorship of the proletariat” mean?

A: The dictatorship of the proletariat, as mentioned by Marx in Chapter 4 of his Critique of the Gotha Program, is socialism. It is the period of transition between capitalism and communism during which workers seize and wield state power.

Q: Isn’t ‘dictatorship’ scary? Why should communists support a dictatorship?

A: ‘Dictatorship’ in this context just means the rule of one class over another. Currently we live under the dictatorship of a bourgeoisie (the rich) ruling through capitalism, imperialism, and several kinds of colonialism (settler-colonialism, neocolonialism, colonialism). The dictatorship of the proletariat is simply the rule of the workers over the bourgeoisie.

Q: Why is a dictatorship of the proletariat necessary?

A: The dictatorship of the proletariat is necessary because the bourgeoisie doesn’t just dissipate during the revolution. It remains, fights back, and attempts to restore the capitalist…

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The Juggling Act of Depression

Get Better Be Better

b33ca99c069e2f287b7340858a19431f--vintage-circus-circus-party.jpgI didn’t forget about this blog.
In fact, quite the opposite.
I’ve been doing the depression juggling act. A perpetual dance of procrastination, and powering through projects until you’re spent. Hiding out in bed on your days off from the realities of bills, deadlines, and responsibilities.

I’ve been on my medication for a while now, I’m open with that because there should be no shame in getting help for mental health issues. The medication, therapy techniques and self-care have greatly improved my quality of life. But it’s not a magic wand that’s waved and suddenly that wet smelly throw blanket on our back that is depression is waved away. You just get a chance to wash it and deal with it better. You get a chance to know that it’s there and how to maneuver through the world without it completely incapacitating you.


Since the fog has cleared a little…

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I Can’t Do It

Today I found out that my cousin wants to go to Africa to help build clinics.  Her aunt, my first cousin, called me and asked me for a donation.  She said she’d also send the link to me for me to post on Twitter.

I was about to just copy and share. But for some reason, I didn’t. I went back to the website and read.  And it said they would build clinics but more importantly “spread​the gospel.” I was horrified. Because I don’t believe in organized religion and I certainly don’t believe in medicine on exchange for Christianity.

I didn’t share the link. I probably won’t donate.  But I’m conflicted. I want to heal Africans. I just don’t want them suffering under Christianity. Is this what it’s come to? Why can’t they heal without conditions? I’m so bothered.

Critical Pedagogy: The Struggle and the Community

This is excellent!!!! If only more educators took a critical approach

The Empowerment Network

A few years ago, when having breakfast with a former instructor (now friend), I told her with excitement that I had stumbled across the concept of critical pedagogy.  After 20 years of unknowingly serving as a critical pedagogue, I was super elated to learn there were other educators out there with a similar passion and commitment for asking tough questions about the location of power within practice. Only being in contact with other critical pedagogues by the literature, I thought I had finally found my educational community.

But, as I have come to meet other critical pedagogues through Twitter, I have found myself wrestling and questioning this new sense of community.  It is this wrestling and the apparent shared struggle of aloneness that drew me to Paul Thomas’s piece about “The Other.”

The year I returned to pursue a doctorate, my first book was published.  In this book…

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There’s More Work To Do: Why The Fight Doesn’t End With Closing Rikers

With all of the news surrounding the closing of Rikers Island, we must remain focused and diligent. Closing Rikers is not the end.  It’s the beginning.  Agitation cannot stop. It’s important to celebrate the small victories but our Campaign cannot stop.  

The city projects it will take 10 years to close Rikers.  In those 10 years, we must make sure they aren’t filling the jails with poor people who can’t afford bail.  We must ensure that they aren’t torturing people with solitary confinement.  And we must make sure that those in need of mental health care are aided.  The corrections officers must be held accountable. We cannot have 10 more years of the same Rikers pending the opening of new Jails.

While these years ago by, we can’t sit patiently waiting for the city to do the right thing.  We must be active in demanding what we want and what the community needs.  Bail reform, ending broken window policing and truly ending stop and frisk must be prioritized.  Kalief’s law must pass the Senate.  We need speedy trials.  A person shouldn’t be punished for the government’s inefficiency.  Opening new jails was never the goal.  There’s more work to do.

If you watched Time: The Kalief Browder Story on Spike TV over the past 6 weeks, your heart must have broken into a million pieces a million times.  This kid, and I call him a kid because Kalief was a minor when he was sent to Rikers, believed in the system. He wouldn’t cop a plea to something he didn’t do.  He wanted his day in court.  A hard fight that he fought with dignity and a strength that is to be applauded. Ultimately​, he paid the price for believing with his life. This system is not for us.  But Kalief’s death will not be in vein.

“He is the face of Truth and justice.” – said  a heartbroken Venida Browder about her son Kalief.  And we believe this.  We will continue his fight for justice. 

Kalief’s brother, Akeem Browder, along with others, had a vision to not only #ShutDownRikers but to also demand services for the community as well as accountability for these officials and we started the Campaign to Shut Down Rikers.  If you’re looking to get involved, or would like more information, please contact the Campaign @