The Democratic Party, The U.S. Government And The KKK

‘What if” the KKK infiltrated the Democratic party the same way they infiltrated law enforcement? Think about it… Central Park Karen, Amy Klobuchar, and Joe Biden are all Democrats (well “actually” Central Park Karen supports the Dems.) This is different from the KKK having members in the Democratic Party. This would be secretive. This would be insidious.

It’s becoming clearer every day that the Democratic party does not serve the interests of Black people. Yet, as a general rule, Black people continue to give their votes to the Democrats. Why do I say give? Because they don’t earn our votes. They don’t even try anymore. It’s “we’re not them.”

The Dems’ position has been moving further and further to the Right since Ronald Regan. We moved past center with Bill. Substantial deregulation and the 1994 crime bill were both championed by Billary. So exactly why we stay faithful to a party is not a mystery. We have been conditioned to believe in the two party system. We have been conditioned to vote for the lesser of two evils. But blue and red look more like “bled.” It’s hard to see the difference in the two parties.

Democrats today basically say “If you don’t vote for us, we’ll let the Republicans do more to you than we would.” We, Black people, have to demand better than them not being Republicans. They never fight for us. They never make our priorities theirs. But more than that, Democrats seem to ignore the injustices that plague Black people in America. And in some cases, they contribute to the injustices. You have to wonder who they are serving. Because it isn’t us. If the KKK leads both the House and Senate, the KKK is effectively running the U.S.

Assata Shakur told us many years ago about the evil ways of KKK and the U.S. government. #COINTELPRO If you don’t know about it, read “Assata.” It’s a treasure trove of information that we all need to understand.

Late night and early morning thoughts. #Peace ✊🏽🖤✊🏽

You are Energy

Hold onto things that make you feel good inside. Remember the warmth of the greatest hug you ever had. That warmth is energy. That energy is light. That light is love. Carry that with you always and you will radiate warmth. You will glow like embers in the fireplace. Except your light will never fade. Remember that you are light and it will get you through the darkest times. May your light shine bright, Sis ✊🏾❤️✊🏾

Shame on Netflix…

Netflix announced that they would start cracking down on people sharing Netflix passwords. Admitting that the older the age group the less they share passwords. It’s a problem with the millennials. So they’re going to start this major technological initiative, confirming IP addresses, just to find out that the reason why millennials don’t pay for Netflix is because they don’t have any money. Their revenue will not go up. It will remain the same. Or will decrease. Because people who share passwords often share the cost.

My Ancestors Did Not Die For Me To Continue To Participate In A Process That Has Always And Will Always Subjugate My People: I Am Not Voting

It is 2018 and when you listen to Malcolm X or The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. their words still hold true. Why is that? Because voting stops resistance and stifles change.

“If voting changed anything, it would be illegal.”

What’s illegal? Mass protests. You may say, “it’s not illegal, you can get a permit,” or “as long as it is peaceful and not disruptive.” Permits can be denied. Peaceful is subjective and if we don’t disrupt things, what is the purpose of a protest.

Black folk continue to walk into the voting booth like they walked into all of those white owned stores, proud that they now had the right to use the front doors to give white folk their money. Black businesses gone.

They fought and died for our humanity. Voting and equal access were the vehicles they thought would bring us humanity. If Malcolm X were alive today, do you think he would be sending you to the voting booths? The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would not STILL say “voting is the answer” after seeing decades of proof of that just not being true. He already feared that he was integrating his people into a burning house.

And here we are celebrating a victory, to vote, to participate in a society that rejects us on every level, still. No Thank You

The right to vote is the right to remain silent. MLK would not STILL say “voting is the answer” after seeing decades of proof of that just not being true. We have been given the opportunity to hurry up and wait. We have been given the opportunity to have others speak for us and determine which issues are important. This was not the dream. If EVERY person has to vote for my people to be equal, we have already lost

Voting serves to quell our anger. Voting serves to direct our reactions. Voting did not bring us freedom; fear of a revolution did.

Education Shaming

Is there such a thing as “education shaming?” I think so. Many poor people will laugh at and shame rich people for being uneducated. Usually these people share the same background “At least I can read and punctuate and have command of English grammar” has been said a time or two…about and to very, rich and successful people. And it’s funny. Not ha ha funny, but sad funny Especially since there is only one reason to be traditionally educated and that’s for work and success.

Language is used to communicate. If a person can effectively communicate, there is no problem. If someone writes “theirs” and they meant “there’s” and you can tell by the sentence what they meant because you’re busy correcting grammar, you’re an 🐴. Because if they were speaking, you wouldn’t know that they made a grammatical error. And people rarely correct others to help them. They correct to make others feel small.

So here we are, in 2018, judging people for misspelled words, missing punctuation and dropped consonants while they are dancing to the bank. But we’re proud to know the English language because somehow that makes us better? Somehow bring bamboozled into thinking that this “education” leads to a good life when it’s clear that all it definitely leads to is a false sense of superiority. “Rich people have no morals, they won’t get into heaven, and they are miserable.” Newsflash: poor people sin, but they are miserable because they don’t have job, home or food security. I could do without the latter. I can work on a better me if I’m not worried about life’s necessities. However, these are the things society teaches us so that we don’t really mind being poor. “It’s not so great being rich.” Really? Let me try it.

I don’t want to be rich. I want to be stable. But how does having command of the English language make one feel better about going hungry or not being able to pay bills? How could we have gotten it so backwards? Bastardization of the colonizer’s language has always been an act of rebellion. It’s also a form of class rebellion. Do we buy massa’s word that the slaves couldn’t speak proper English because they couldn’t read?

Language is first and foremost auditory. Children speak what’s spoken to them. We’re so caught up in a world of status and class that we’ve let the few dictate the path of the many. Only in such a world can a poor and hungry person look down on a rich and well fed person and shame them for being uneducated.

The next time you fix your face to correct someone’s grammar (who is not a troll) understand that unless you’re doing it in private, it’s shaming and ask yourself why you’re doing it. Because I’ve seen people regurgitate nonsense with perfect grammar while someone, with broken English, expresses original, logical thoughts. If you are correcting someone, 9 times out of 10, it’s because you understood them.

Quality of Life Issues?

According to Fox News, there are issues to be addressed on San Francisco’s BART system. In my Google News feed this morning was the headline “Video appears to show homeless man using drugs on BART train in San Francisco.”

It’s obvious and unfortunate that the talk of “quality of life” doesn’t apply to the quality of life of this homeless addict who is not alone. Commuters have been filming these conscious and unconscious addicts in an apparent attempt to highlight “a dangerous trend.” For whom exactly? Because it’s not the drug use that’s the issue here; it’s the drug use on the train.

We often get so caught up in our own lives that we don’t realize that our temporary inconvenience is someone’s living nightmare.

Who are these do gooder filmers worried about? I’m really confused. Well, I’m not really confused. The coverage is bland to say the least. The story is simply filed under “drugs.”

I may be assuming a lot. Maybe the writer is speaking about the perils if drug addiction and is concerned about the addicts. But it appears that relieving the inconvenience of these working commuters, is a bigger priority than helping homeless addicts. Maybe…. Here’s a thought…. What if…. How’s about, we actually help the addicts so they won’t be homeless or a danger to themselves? I think that would solve both issues.

We often get so caught up in our own lives that we don’t realize that our temporary inconvenience is someone’s living nightmare. We must do better. We must be able to empathize with those who are less fortunate.