The Case For Reparations

Reparations is being called for from a greater amount of Black people in the U.S. Past and on going discriminations must be set straight. It sounds good.

We are talking about closing the wealth gap. Black People don’t have nearly as much wealth as white people. But I’m for economic justice. Not closing the wealth gap. Which is what these corporations should be serving instead of empty slogans that “show” they understand BLM and corporate “support” that doesn’t lead to better jobs or economic situations. Don’t forget, the wealth gap still means poor Black people. Because there are poor white people. I’m not satisfied with there being any poor Black people. At all. Never will I be.

Being on par with white people in America means…. A little bit of rich Black people…. More middle class Black people… And still vastly more poor Black people than rich Black people. This cannot be our goal.

Reparations is a great start. But overall, even white people aren’t making great strides economically either. The fact that they are doing “Better than Black people” is not much of a statement. Let’s move forward with the greater goal in mind

Corporations Owe Black Lives More Than Lip Service

Beyond corporations giving financial support to groups that are defending the lives of Black people, corporations have an obligation to work on equality in the workplace. The disparities in salaries, promotions, visibility is often overlooked because no one is overty racist.  But Black people get paid less, promoted less and are given less opportunities in the workplace.    Corporations have to dig deep to address these issues.  A hashtag will not do.

We Are Not Our Ancestors

“WE ARE NOT OUR ANCESTORS” is disrespectful AF. WE have had almost 150 years of “freedom” and what have we done… without shackles? 40 million Black people in the U.S. and a few thousand Black protestors out in the wake of the murder of to #GeorgeFloyd. Get a grip. Don’t let them lie to you. Our ancestors were killing slave owners! Know your history. Don’t let these white people tell you that our ancestors were just singing negro spirituals waiting to be saved. Because that’s a lie. That’s them making you think that good white folk freed you. No. We were fighting before the civil war.

There was wide spread attempts to escape slavery. There were plots to kill the slave owners and the overseers. Black men and women risking life and limb to escape to “freedom.” According to, “Estimates of the total number of slave revolts vary according to the definition of insurrection. For the two centuries preceding the American Civil War (1861–65), one historian found documentary evidence of more than 250 uprisings or attempted uprisings involving 10 or more slaves whose aim was personal freedom.”

We have to be careful. We have to understand our past in order to move towards our future. We can’t just assume that our formerly enslaved ancestors were weak people who just prayed to a Christian God for freedom. This is historically inaccurate and does not serve us.

Constitutions can be rewritten and laws can be changed. The freedoms of Black people are, at this time, wholly dependent upon people who don’t GAF about us. Unless we fight for real change…. real freedom, it will be more of the same. We have to continue on this path of active agitation. We are not our ancestors, we have a long way to go.

The Democratic Party, The U.S. Government And The KKK

‘What if” the KKK infiltrated the Democratic party the same way they infiltrated law enforcement? Think about it… Central Park Karen, Amy Klobuchar, and Joe Biden are all Democrats (well “actually” Central Park Karen supports the Dems.) This is different from the KKK having members in the Democratic Party. This would be secretive. This would be insidious.

It’s becoming clearer every day that the Democratic party does not serve the interests of Black people. Yet, as a general rule, Black people continue to give their votes to the Democrats. Why do I say give? Because they don’t earn our votes. They don’t even try anymore. It’s “we’re not them.”

The Dems’ position has been moving further and further to the Right since Ronald Regan. We moved past center with Bill. Substantial deregulation and the 1994 crime bill were both championed by Billary. So exactly why we stay faithful to a party is not a mystery. We have been conditioned to believe in the two party system. We have been conditioned to vote for the lesser of two evils. But blue and red look more like “bled.” It’s hard to see the difference in the two parties.

Democrats today basically say “If you don’t vote for us, we’ll let the Republicans do more to you than we would.” We, Black people, have to demand better than them not being Republicans. They never fight for us. They never make our priorities theirs. But more than that, Democrats seem to ignore the injustices that plague Black people in America. And in some cases, they contribute to the injustices. You have to wonder who they are serving. Because it isn’t us. If the KKK leads both the House and Senate, the KKK is effectively running the U.S.

Assata Shakur told us many years ago about the evil ways of KKK and the U.S. government. #COINTELPRO If you don’t know about it, read “Assata.” It’s a treasure trove of information that we all need to understand.

Late night and early morning thoughts. #Peace ✊🏽🖤✊🏽

You are Energy

Hold onto things that make you feel good inside. Remember the warmth of the greatest hug you ever had. That warmth is energy. That energy is light. That light is love. Carry that with you always and you will radiate warmth. You will glow like embers in the fireplace. Except your light will never fade. Remember that you are light and it will get you through the darkest times. May your light shine bright, Sis ✊🏾❤️✊🏾