“Let’s Euthanize The Poor ” – Canada

It’s startling to think in 2022 that killing people rather than feeding and providing housing for them is the better option. But that’s what is happening in Canada. Society has always loathed poor people. But wait until some people find out that they’re actually poor. One paycheck away from homelessness. How will they feel about this option? Or that this is capitalism.

“Capitalism’s answer to …“What about those who can’t work?” has always been “They should die quickly.” But until now it’s always been spoken wordlessly in the policies enacted and the societal structures put in place.” – Caitlin Johnson

I will never forget a co-worker telling me that poor people shouldn’t have babies. I had to remind him that he wouldn’t be here if his parents didn’t have kids. This is really appalling for so-called Christian societies. It’s not very Christ-like.

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