How Were The Hospitals Treating Their Staff During The COVID Pandemic?

During the beginning of the COVID pandemic, hospitals were advising their staff not to wear masks because they might alarm the patients. They were advising them if they were COVID positive but asymptomatic, to continue to come into work. These actions jeopardized the health of both the patients and staff.

I feel like there needs to be an investigation into the whole pandemic and the U.S. response to the pandemic. Did we make it worse by going against everything that science has taught us? Masks were effective against SARS 1. Why wouldn’t they be effective against SARS 2? Why didn’t we use an abundance of caution? Why instead did we let fear guide us? Was it global? Who fared the worst? People think we should have shut down the borders earlier and shut down the economy earlier. Capitalism was the reason behind that not happening. But 20/20 hindsight is a thing. However, there should have been more foresight.

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