For those who say that Trump caused the COVID pandemic in the U.S., I want to introduce you to a thing called States Rights. If you blame Trump, blame the whole system.

What kind of people do we have in power who would look at a person doing wrong and not say “nope. We have to do better” and then do better? What did the other U.S. politicians do? Trump is not faultless. But Dr. Fauci himself said in February 2020 to skip the masks unless you’re contagious. I’m trying to figure out how they thought the “contagious” person caught COVID. It really doesn’t seem like anyone knew anything. Seems like if we just wore masks from the beginning, we could’ve avoided a lot of deaths. They knew it was SARS, called it SARS 2, but somehow didn’t think it would spread the same way.

We were given bad information from the jump. And it’s awful. And it caused deaths. And how many people died of the flu in 2020?

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