Don’t Lie On My Ancestors

If you fast forward 40 years, y’all will still be talking about “Our ancestors died so we can vote.” No our ancestors protested and boycotted and hit them pockets. They never thought you would lie on them.

Our ancestors sacrificed their lives for equality. We’re not there yet. What will you tell your grandkids in 40 years? “Things haven’t changed because 100% of Black people didn’t vote….And 100% of Black people need to vote and they need to vote for the Democrats.” ??? Will you be happy when you see things haven’t changed in 40 years?

It’s time to face the fact that our ancestors did not vote to affect change. They disrupted this country. Non-violent protesting does not mean convenient. We must get in the way. We must disrupt things. We must make life uncomfortable. And voting is the most comfortable thing we can do.

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