The Case For Reparations

Reparations is being called for from a greater amount of Black people in the U.S. Past and on going discriminations must be set straight. It sounds good.

We are talking about closing the wealth gap. Black People don’t have nearly as much wealth as white people. But I’m for economic justice. Not closing the wealth gap. Which is what these corporations should be serving instead of empty slogans that “show” they understand BLM and corporate “support” that doesn’t lead to better jobs or economic situations. Don’t forget, the wealth gap still means poor Black people. Because there are poor white people. I’m not satisfied with there being any poor Black people. At all. Never will I be.

Being on par with white people in America means…. A little bit of rich Black people…. More middle class Black people… And still vastly more poor Black people than rich Black people. This cannot be our goal.

Reparations is a great start. But overall, even white people aren’t making great strides economically either. The fact that they are doing “Better than Black people” is not much of a statement. Let’s move forward with the greater goal in mind

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