Problematic Views: Should We Be Outspoken and Patient Or Should We Write Off People Who Don’t Think Like Us

There’s been a lot of writing lately about “call out culture.” To me, anyone against being called out, thinks they know everything. Anyone who is afraid to speak because they far behind called out is concerned with how people view then instead of being concerned with their trash views and why they have them.

With young people, I like to guide them. With older people, I’m more hesitant. I really feel like they should know better. But a year or so ago, I decide I would be more gentle to anyone who wasn’t an overt bigot. And I’m proud. I initially focused on being kinder to Black women and I branched out from there.

Sometimes we can’t be gentle. Some people need to be stopped in their tracks. But sometimes, sometimes there’s room for kindness and guidance. It’s no one’s job to teach anyone about anything. But if you want to see the world change, you have to speak to someone…at least one person who doesn’t think like you.

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